Cannes Lions 2019 set to make better representation the gold standard.

Bechdel is so hot right now, as proven by Cannes Lions latest press release. Jurors tasked with awarding the best work in the world will now have to ensure it is also absent of gender stereotypes. This is wonderful news for progressing gender equality, and will certainly set a new standard for what it takes to be considered a campaign of comprehensive excellence. Read more here:

B for Victory!

I’m so proud to report the news that Campaign Bechdel is creating real change! You may remember that I recently wrote about Holden Acadia’s campaign launch spot, where I called out their blatant objectification of teenage girls as trophy wives for teen boys. The article got picked up by Mumbrella and a few other Australian marketing publications. Along with the angry comments from the men’s rights groups section of the internet, the article seems to have generated some positive cog-turning too, because as you can see Holden have released a new and (slightly) improved edit: So while Teen Paris Hilton…

The girl is mine: Toyota Kluger.

Remember that icky 80s duet between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, duelling over a girl both claimed “to be mine”? Well, Toyota went ahead and made an even creepier version for their latest Kluger TVC, in which a grown man and a 10 year-old battle over the boy’s mum. The premise goes: European-styled car is driven through the city by European-styled woman. She, and the car, catch the eye of a suave man on the sidewalk, and he gives her an appreciative eyeball – until her son, in the backseat, winds down his window and delivers a possessive glare that…

Bechdel Crazier.

Women have for centuries had their pesky emotions dismissed as signs of madness. “She’s being hysterical.” “Irrational.” “Dramatic.” Craziness in women was such a widely-believed disorder that doctors in the 19thcentury diagnosed Hysteria as an illness and treated it by masturbating patients to orgasm. While passion is lauded amongst men, for women, powerful expressions of…

Sexism in everyday design.

Crash test dummies. Police body armour. Air conditioning. Even voice recognition, isn’t designed to work effectively for women equally as well as it does for men. This article from The Guardian explores the consequences of living in a world built around male data.

Don’t just turn up. Bechdel.

For a car aimed at mums and families, is it really wise to depict every woman in your ad as either background scenery, future trophy-wives, or mute members of a 14yo boy’s pussy posse? #Holden investigated, in the launch of the #Acadia

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White Fox Bechdel

Not sure the following from White Fox Boutique requires much in the way of analysis or deconstruction. With 15 tit close-ups and 4 crotch zooms, I think we all get what the director was going for here:

We Need to Talk About UltraTune.

So far on this blog, I have purposely avoided giving too much oxygen to any over-the-top or blatantly sexist campaigns. No sport in easy pickings, eh? But, alas, my eyes can only roll so many times before I wind up permanently disfigured, so I’ve made the call. The Bechdel bell tolls for all of us…

Welcome Bechdel.

The latest Apple Homepod spot, Welcome Home, is another spectacular piece of creativity and original direction by Spike Jonze. The 4-minute film is made, ostensibly, to convince you that your home life can be improved with the all-knowing powers of Siri. But it conveys Siri’s AI usefulness in a beautifully human way, and without resorting…

Don’t let Bechdel pass you by.

It’s kinda unfair of me to pick on this billboard, because it’s likely in-house dealer-led creative, and therefore was always destined to be crap. But it’s right near my house, and it makes me involuntarily shake my fist at it every time I pass it, so: pick on it I shall! We see a gorgeous…