Gravity Bechdel.

Have you seen Playstation’s award-winning spot ‘Gravity Cat’ yet?
If you haven’t, go watch now. I’ll wait for you here: Playstation ‘Gravity Cat’

Excellent, yes? Two sisters are studying physics in their apartment, when they suddenly experience what life is like when the laws of gravity don’t play by the rules. Oh, and there’s an adorable, trouble-making, ceiling-walking kitten there too. Need a viral script? Just add cat.

Gravity Cat passes the Campaign Bechdel test on several fronts. Firstly, these women have a clear narrative arc of their own, totally interdependent of a man (unless that cat is a boy cat…), and don’t exist to support anyone else’s story but their own. They aren’t cleaning, or doing duck face pouts into their phones when the spot opens; instead we see that they’re much more interested in Newton’s Law of Physics. Bye-bye stereotypes! The two female leads understandably freak when gravity goes haywire, but the spot ends with them floating in the sky outside of their apartment, the city on the upside down horizon, and a look of empowerment and adventure on their faces as they wait to see what gravity does next.

Play on, Playstation. Two paws up.

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