B for Victory!

I’m so proud to report the news that Campaign Bechdel is creating real change! You may remember that I recently wrote about Holden Acadia’s campaign launch spot, where I called out their blatant objectification of teenage girls as trophy wives for teen boys. The article got picked up by Mumbrella and a few other Australian marketing publications. Along with the angry comments from the men’s rights groups section of the internet, the article seems to have generated some positive cog-turning too, because as you can see Holden have released a new and (slightly) improved edit:

So while Teen Paris Hilton still opens the spot on the arm of young dork number 1, the new edit cuts to a more everyday and relatable teen girl next, who was not featured in the previous edit at all bar as an extra in the end group shot. Her screentime in this new edit at least rounds out the variety and narrative purpose of the female characters overall. Representing a less stereotypically glam girl in the mix of talent is not a huge evolution in terms of rounded, multi-dimensional female characterisation, but it certainly is an improvement on the original cut of the ad. Hooray for Campaign Bechdel! Creating change, one nagging feminist think-piece at a time.


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