Sexpo’s sleazy bait and switch.

I give this ad about two more days before it’s taken off air by the AANA. In this spot, TV chef Huey introduces his home audience to cuisine called Mexpo; until a producer butts in with a correction: this is an ad for Sexpo. Cut to three busty blondes wearing nothing but aprons, and Huey’s lecherously arched eyebrow reaction shot. A clear violation of Campaign Bechdel’s three rules, the three female talent in this commercial are written with about as much character nuance as talking sex dolls.

This came on during Survivor tonight, at 8pm – amazing that it was permitted to air during a PG program, when many kids are still up. Sexy babes aren’t problematic when they have more than one dimension, a fragment of backstory, and a sense of power in the situation they are in. These girls are completely objectified, servile, and typecast as airhead sex bots to boot. Watch and weep: Sexpo 2019 TVC 30”

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