Uber Bechdel

The new Uber Eats spot, Kath and Kim, is both a very well scripted piece of comedy, and a refreshing example of positive, uncliched female portrayal in advertising.

The 45” spot doesn’t reduce either female character to sex object (potentially a first for featured celeb Kim Kardashian), and both women are able to instead showcase their sense of humour, challenging the still-prevailing stereotype that women aren’t funny. It’s rare to see advertising where two women are given the space and time to just riff off each other in an extended scene like this, especially without a male love interest being inexplicably written in. Hats off to the creative team and brand for avoiding obvious characterisations for both Magda and Kim – the ad is so much the better for going against what’s expected, delivering a simple yet memorable bit of entertainment for Uber Eats’ ongoing campaign.

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