Juicy breasts. *Chicken* breasts.

Update: After condemnation from
multiple parties (and initiated by Campaign Bechdel), KFC have responded – but not pulled the ad



KFC’s latest retail spot for the Zinger burger is about as subtle as the average UltraTune commercial, and just as sexist. A young woman on her way to a music festival checks herself out in the reflection of a nearby car window, tugging her top down to emphasise her boobs and jiggling them into position, when the window electronically slides down to reveal two horny young boys and a disapproving mum inside. The girl shrugs off the ogling boy and the stern mum, and heads off to get munted and eat KFC. The KFC theme song kicks in: “I don’t care! I love it…” falsely conflating having a 10 year boy ogle your tits with female empowerment. How the agency responsible failed to recognise how gross and objectifying this spot is, is truly incomprehensible. Be part of the solution, advertising, not the problem.

First ejaculation caught on film. Mum must be so proud.
KFC, proud sponsors of teaching young actors to disrespect women.
The false empowerment narrative, as shown here, is probably the most irritating part of this 15 second ad.

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