Cheers for challenging the “beer is for boys” stereotype

Heineken’s latest spot “Cheers to all”, smartly accomplishes several important things all at once.

Firstly, it expands their audience, by telling women to drink their beer as a kind of “up yours” to the stereotype that women don’t drink beer. Vindictive beer always tastes the sweetest.

Secondly, it leverages the purchasing power of advertising that challenges gender stereotypes; a 2019 study from the the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) #SeeHer initiative found that positive depiction of women in ads led to increased purchase intent and drove a sales lift. Heineken has strategically incorporated this insight into this spot.

Lastly, while the scenarios are kind of clunky and the repetitive examples get tiresome fast, the product demonstrations of atttactive people seeking out and then enjoying their Heineken’s serves to hypnotically instil positive brand sentiment into the minds of viewers. Tick.

And big ups for a beer ad passing the Campaign Bechdel test. How refreshing.

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